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Our field of work within AI is natural language processing

AI is a scientific and technological discipline that imitates human mental processes and from them generates learning capabilities by means of computing systems. So, as AI is the capacity of machines to imitate human intelligence, and as language comprehension and production are the most prominent expressions of human intelligence, natural language processing is a discipline at the very hub of AI. So we are working in the field of AI in which robust, complex algorithms are built. 

Adimena artifizialaren barruan, lengoaia naturalaren prozesamendua da gure lan-eremua

We develop human-centred AI.

We are involved in AI, which is designed to intensify but not replace the capabilities of industries, organizations and individuals (Human-centered AI). Human-centered AI helps to empower workers, professionals and members of the public by incorporating new capabilities, by assisting in understanding complex social phenomena and by solving complex tasks.

Today, AI and NLP are fundamental technologies designed to increase the competitiveness and capacity of our industries and companies. So we are working with a firm commitment to make available to the industrial base the scientific and technological capacity and in-house technology we develop, and thus assist in this rapid digital transformation we are seeing, and create a smart industry designed to expand worker capabilities.

Pertsonetan ardaztutako adimen artifiziala garatzen dugu.

We produce AI for ALL / AI for Good.

We try to correct the biases that neural models may have by producing ethical and socially responsible technology to create AI for all, which does not marginalise anyone and which will help to create a more inclusive society. 

AI and neural networks need significant computing capacity and in energy terms they are highly intensive technologies; so we are working to create more energy-efficient systems that will achieve better results with a smaller computing capacity. 

We are producing state-of-the-art technology to achieve a more competitive industry, a more inclusive society and a more sustainable country geared towards the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

Guztiontzako eta gizartearen onurarako teknologia ekoizten dugu.